APRIL 8, 2022

This historical event is an annual tradition and will provide a way for all Americans to come together to enjoy this rich and glamorous cultural event and learn more about the Romani heritage and share acceptance and diversity of this great culture, rich in cultural achievements like beautiful music, fashion, gourmet food, entertainment, and so much more. The Romani-Gypsy people have remarkable talent and have contributed some of the world's most beloved Music, Entertainment, Fashion and European recipes to America. During the festival visitors will be greeted by colorful Gypsy wenches serving complimentary samples of delectable Gypsy food and pastry, and the pleasing sounds of Gypsy Musicians playing irresistible Gypsy romantic and dance music, with violinists that touch your heart and bring out 'the Gypsy in your soul'. The Gypsy romanticism and roaming lifestyle has been a major contributor to the Bohemian and Gypsy style clothing and fashion that has been the latest buzz on the runways and is trending with  big name Designers in America and Europe. Be sure not to miss the Gypsy Fashion Show, featuring Gypsy Style Couture and the latest in Gypsy fashion and accessories for purchase.